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Lift Sales

At Breakell Lifts we take full advantage of our wide experience and rich heritage by providing clients with world class products backed by a comprehensive and robust support service. We have embedded an ethos of continuous improvement throughout the company; supplying and fitting lifts using only the highest quality materials, skilled craftsmanship and design.

We offer our customers an excellent service to match our products with a plan that covers the full design lifespan of our lifts. An inclusive package is available that is fully project managed; from initial survey through to design, manufacture, installation, test and commission.

Lifts often play a major role in the smooth running of buildings and Breakell understands that an out-of-service lift is more than just an inconvenience. Our 24 hour, year round call out and contingency servicing programme, guarantees you can be sure of uninterrupted operation, even during holiday periods. In addition, customers can benefit from our policy of open protocol, meaning that any proficient company or trained lift engineer will be able to offer their services should the need arise.

Passenger Lifts

At Breakell we have embraced the need to supply high speed, high performance lifts to cope with an ever increasing demand. Capable of covering up to 2.5 metres per second, our lifts can transport high capacities in style swiftly to their destination.

With safety of the utmost importance and for complete peace of mind, Breakell Passenger Lifts can incorporate add-ons such as destination control call management systems, access control as well as remote lift monitoring for added safety.

Goods Lifts

Breakell goods lifts have been serving Britain for over 75 years and as such we have gathered an impressive reputation for developing robust, high performance goods lifts.

Our cost effective approach and in-house production team has made Breakell the preferred choice of lift for those who need custom, compact and hardwearing lifts.

Working closely with our major clients, particularly within the retail food sector, we have developed our goods only Roll Cage Lift specifically for use in convenience stores and warehouse environments. Understanding that cost effectiveness, quick installation times and health and safety are paramount when developing and refurbishing stores, Breakell’s Roll Cage Lift is the definitive solution. Favoured for its stopping accuracy, minimal builders work, durability and ease of use the reliability and quality speaks for itself.



Platform  Lifts

We offer a comprehensive range of platform lifts compliant with Part M Building Regulations and designed to meet the relevant European Harmonised Standards.There are many different designs and configurations available from our supply partners. Once we have your exact requirements we will offer the ideal solution to suit you.

Vertical Platform Lifts
The M2000 Vertical Platform lift is we believe the most reliable vertical platform lift available in the UK. Superior in design to many of its contemporaries with a VVVF quiet operation chain drive.

Inclined Platform Lifts
Ideal solution for retail and commercial premises that require wheelchair access over the staircase.

Step Lift
Affordable solution for low rise wheelchair access floor to floor height usually up to 1m travel.

Bed Lifts

Continuing our long tradition of supplying the NHS and private hospitals alike with bespoke bed lifts, we provide stylish lift solutions to the medical industry. Knowing how important the issue of reliability is to our clients Breakell bed lifts are built with this in mind. Paired with a comprehensive maintenance package from the dedicated team of Breakell service engineers our reputation has continued to flourish.

Our lifts are produced to any custom specification and with full design control our clients are able to choose their lifts aesthetic to suit, ensuring the lifts are comfortable, practical and a welcoming feature for all visitors.

We offer specialist designs to meet HTM 08-02 and HBN 00-04 where required.

Service  Lifts

Dumbwaiters – Laundrey Lifts – Bullion Lifts

We offer a comprehensive range of service lifts compliant with the European Standard EN81-3:2000. From 5kg to 250Kg all the lifts are installed within an angled structure frame ideal for cladding in various materials to suit specific requirements thus minimising builders works.